Welcome to 121 Business Solutions

121 Business Solutions Pty Ltd is a dedicated consulting firm offering a unique client-focussed range of services which include:

  • Dynamic business unit analysis
  • Strategic planning
  • Financial needs analysis and reporting
  • Corporate structure review and design
  • Performance management system design and implementation
  • Leadership excellence development
  • Special projects

121 Business Solutions Pty Ltd is based in Brisbane and was established to provide services to meet the growing demand for facilitation of business improvement and growth strategies.

Our mission is to simplify your business life

121 helps business owners and decision makers to step back from their business so they can review where they are at, refocus on where they want to get to and implement what they need to do to make sure they get there. 121 caters for enterprises of all types, sizes and position, within their business life cycle.

121 offers a range of innovative tailored solutions, delivered in a flexible step by step approach based on your goals and what you want to achieve.

Long term involvement working 121 with our clients provides us with experience and a true understanding of the business environment and its related needs. 121 Business Solutions Pty Ltd is supported by Marsh & Partners, a professional chartered accounting services provider, as an independent company.

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